Messy Toast


Saturday we went to Macaneta to celebrate winter. It was a bit messy. This is the mess list:


– One to two hours of traffic jam on the way out.

– Same traffic agony on the way back.
– Babysitting dogs and photography are obverse efforts.
– Where on earth is Mr. Winter? The water was cold, but the weather is still very summery.
Keket and Thoth decided that spilling a little of champagne wasn’t enough and spilled half bottle.
– Picnic? Never had been in such a messy one!
– Any good? Indeed. Walking good stretches of beach with dogs and music.


But today is supposed to be food talk. Recently I collected what initially seemed to be a very useful newspaper page listing nice stuff for picnics. However, when the moment comes we always stick to the same menu: champagne, fruit and salmon.


Paul was driving back home and complaining about the traffic. I told him: “At least, while you drive slowly I can have some fun reading the little shops names.” They are countless, boarding kilometers and kilometers of road and many of them have cute or even hilarious names.


“Look at that one!” I exclaimed pointing to my left. Over the door of a 2x3m shop selling from second hand televisions sets to soap bars, a name painted in red stood out: Jesus Is Lord. 


Paul smiled and asked: “Have you seen our mechanic-driver Américo’s motorbike? He has painted in big black characters what I thought to be some local idiom (neva dey) until I discovered what he really means: never die.”