Keket Strikes Again


My puppy Keket completed four months yesterday. She is an interesting case. For a start, she is the first verbalizing dog I ever met. She is capable of articulating a few sounds and it’s quite amusing (and amazing) to witness her unique efforts to communicate with us. Our guards prodigiously laugh about the way Thoth’s head puzzles listening to her. Secondly, she is far more energetic than an average dog. I guess nature provided Keket with such energy and acute need to communicate so that she could survive in a litter where she was the only female.


She used to bite us (particularly me) and destroy everything, except for her toys, but her negative behavior changed when we decided that it was time to let her be with Thoth during the day.


Thoth showed his affection for her from the first moment. He is such a good guy that accepts her leadership most of the time. We were terribly upset when we discovered that she was biting his cheeks. We took care of the wounds and it stopped. Thoth had to learn a defense move with his front paws to avoid her fast attacks. We breathed with relief.


A few days ago I commented: “It seems Keket’s aggressiveness is over. Thoth’s cheeks are okay since some time.”


“No way.” Andy replied. “She only stopped biting his cheeks because she found a nastier place to bite: his balls. She charges, she bites and she takes refuge under a car…”


It would be hard to believe if I didn’t witness it. She comes from behind and malevolently strikes. I am not sure if he is going to learn a new defense move, but for sure he is learning to be more alert. I learned something too: it must be excruciating painful because he reacts as if an electrical shock hit him or as if he was a kicking horse, when all indicates that Thoth’s anatomy shouldn’t lend itself to kicking.


If you still need a proof of how hard love can be, welcome to my backyard