Cooking Seasonally


I was worried about my cooking ways. Each time I thought about preparing something special I ended up with some recipe involving almonds or Granny Smith apples, mainly my apple cake and marzipan.


Well, I am not that worried any longer because I am aware now that I’ve been cooking seasonally and that is normal and desirable.


It’s almond and apples harvest time down here, so I cannot resist to the quantity and quality available. Comprehensibly. Abundance of oranges (yummy) and pears (yummy, yummy) is starting; hence, my interests will surely diversify.


To avoid taste boredom I introduced a few changes to my apple cake recipe, improving it a lot with organic cinnamon and ginger, and a special olive oil that has a unique flavor I could only find in traditional Portuguese cuisine.


What did I learn other than cooking seasonally? Well, I learned that we don’t have only to discover new recipes. We can, for instance, improve the ones we already have.