Walking with Keket


I guarantee you that I have a super dog at home. She is my 4 months old female puppy Keket. She is not much in terms of looks, with her big ears, ungrateful growing body and brownish patches where should only be shiny black fur, but she has an amazing energy and a sparkling personality.


At her age Thoth refused to walk, assuming an irritating belly on the ground attitude, while we have to control Keket’s eagerness to stop at the end of the world.


I left Thoth’s education in the hands of the boys, but decided to take charge as soon as Keket arrived. His life improved a lot since Keket’s arrival. He used to walk three times a week and now walks everyday. I also make sure that he is groomed in a daily basis. In short, my life is synchronized with the rhythm of my dogs’ needs.


In reality, I am walking with Keket, and not walking Keket, since she makes sure she is the one in command. You know the type: “Nobody walks in front, except me.” That is forcing me to run a daily mini-marathon.


Guard on duty (usually with Thoth) and I (usually with Keket) leave the house and walk around 2km in a champion’s speed of less than 15 minutes, especially taking in consideration Thoth’s stops for the obvious reasons.


In terms of exercising, I never enjoyed that much the quiet pace of Miradouro walking, at least the way Paul seems to enjoy.


Walking with Keket represents more speed, represents working on my small steps, which led me in the past to run. To be capable of wider steps will improve speed, equilibrium and performance in various activities.


From 4 to 6pm it’s “dog time”. I am glad I could incorporate a little of “me time” into that period. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult, knowing that a little later I’ll need lots of energy for the tae bo class, but I am easily coping.


I suppose a few of you could think: “This is not correct. Dogs should quietly walk at their owners side.” That may be the ideal, but an owner walking at dogs’ pace is acceptable and a good challenge too.