June Craft Exhibition



Old, beautiful Fortaleza de Maputo staged an exhibition under the designation Feira Junina-Artesanato. The name is just because it happened in June, period not only ideal for events of this nature but also when Mozambique celebrates 34 years as an independent country. An organization associated to the World Crafts Council was responsible for the event sponsored by a couple of local companies. The purpose was celebrating being Mozambican through cultural tradition and craftsmanship.


All in all, the positive aspects supplanted the negative: 1) Picking Fortaleza de Maputo was a good move. 2) The visit was worthwhile, both in terms of quality and quantity. 3) A timid attempt to show Mozambican cuisine was highly appreciated.


Negative, only the fact that it was too short: a mere 4 days, 3 to 7 of June. We could hear people complaining everywhere. This is a small town. Most people go to a place because they hear someone talking about it. Publicizing works, but independent opinion works even better.


Presumably, the best crafts of every corner of Mozambique could be appreciated during Feira Junina. My favorite stand displayed silver and Ming porcelain work. The sea gives 500 years old nuggets of history and people transform them into the bread they eat. It has been like this ever since. History, nature and the poor, a clever partnership.