TV Cooking


Saturday 6 was a happy day. A happy day, obviously, starts with a happy morning. And what defines a happy morning? Sometimes it’s just a slant of autumn light. Sometimes it’s just a gust of wind. And sometimes it’s a humming sound escaping from an open door.


Saturday mornings are faithfully devoted to cooking. On that particular one I tested a few TV recipes, both sweet and savoury. The last one was easy and consisted of a simplified lasagna recipe. The dessert turned out to be too sweet and gluey.


While I was cooking inside, Tieta mastered her matapa in our small backyard kitchen and puppy Keket, who is rediscovering the pleasures of past privileges and her fondness for Yellow Spiky, played not far from my feet. Sometimes I give, sometimes I take back. It seems to be a popular current motto and I am a good student. Anyway, sometime in the morning I remember for a moment thinking how television has been helping people to get better in the kitchen. Finally… a merit!