Fragile Economy


We live under a very fragile economy. It just takes day-to-day small things to keep us remembering of that.


Since weeks ago we started to notice that a few basic stuff went missing from the shelves. It’s truth that we only shop in two or three places, but they are the main suppliers of Maputo consumers. For instance, I couldn’t find honey to bake a cake and we had to search in three different shops before finding our regular washing powder. 


It took us to be in South Africa to realize why: the Rand is getting stronger and Mozambican economy is complaining. Between other things, this is also a clear indicator of the deficient capitalization of this system. The fact is that nobody cares, government included.


They all forget (or never learned) the importance of a strong private sector for the economy. I know they all admit it and now and then loudly say it. They even write it on paper. In practical terms, there’s no single measure indicating that same importance.