Unexpected Party


Andy’s party was supposed to happen on Sunday 21, but not the way it really happened. JP arrived that same day from Qatar and we had plenty reasons to celebrate.


Being a Sunday, I knew guard George and I would have to sweat a good part of the afternoon to be ready around 6pm. But the truth is that Paul said the magical word “feijoada” and soon, before 1pm, a crowd of 30 noisy, thirsty souls invaded our backyard.


I don’t mind parties and happy people, on the contrary, but I do like things to happen my own way. When I am forced to watch people dancing and drinking right after my breakfast (It was Sunday, per Jupiter!), my mood turns a bit sour.


Anyway, George and I have done all we could to make Andy feel happy and JP welcomed. I suppose we succeeded. There were broken glasses, tears and conspiracy clouds… The contrary would mean boring.


Looking back through the blurred window of the days already past, I can realize now that this party group seem to be getting old very fast, so fast they didn’t have time to realize it yet.