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The importance of colours in the process of acquiring is usually imperceptible. Though, I had fully conscience of it while I was organizing the armoire where I keep around twenty straw summer baskets and the drawer where boys’ ties sleep for most of the year. Owing to climate and lifestyle, it can be months without one seeing day or night-light. I have to say that ties beat baskets in number and colourfulness. Largely.


During this colour awareness period I discovered a sort of quiz in an old magazine under the title: What is your true colour? I never had wondered about my true colour, but I automatically guessed it could be green. In reality, I love blue and black (Don’t we all?), but my safe, comfort colours include green or red (meaning happy mood) and brown or black (usually suiting a more serious me).


I followed the steps to find my true colour and got a surprise. It’s really easy: write down your date of birth and add numbers together treating each as a single digit until you arrive at a number between 1 and 9, the same process to discover your “lucky number”.


Basically, if you are:



You are gold, approachable, talented, perfectionist and an expert in hiding your true emotions…



Your colour is violet and you are creative, drawn to feel that you don’t fit – especially when your creativity is suppressed. (Diver Andy)



Indigo is deep, mysterious, optimistic and equipped with a finely tuned sixth sense.



Blue means maternal, caring, imaginative, stubborn and communicative.



If you are green, you like company but need to escape when feeling trapped. You believe in order and like to plan ahead. You cling to emotions and possessions. (Diver Ti)



Yellow is fun, acidly witty and meticulous. A reader and potential writer or journalist.



Orange people are sociable and relaxed, although you know when to take things seriously and people can find you difficult to deal with. When you feel down, food becomes your emotional crutch. (Diver Paul and Chanda)



Like your colour red, you are passionate and want to experience everything new, but have a relatively short attention span. You are direct and honest. Bottling up your emotions leaves you prone to illness. (Diver JP)



Finally, my number and colour: rose. Besides the surprise of being sort of pink, I wasn’t surprised at all with my main trace being “the perfect hostess”. But what really impressed me was the following passage: “Rose people often move away from where they were born and, although they may go back to visit, never live there again. In fact, you believe everyone is connected on same level. You prefer to let others take the limelight, even when it really belongs to you…”


That’s it about my true colour. I also liked (suspecting that it’s not far from the truth) the duality of changing from patient and understanding to “erupt like a volcano”. But really impressive is the distance thing. If I tell that I was born in a place where I stayed for about one month and left to never return, even if I was pretty close for a couple of occasions, you might understand why I picked this subject. So, if you have to, colour me… rose.


5 thoughts on “Colour Me…

  1. Hi Seabell! Very interesting. And, if I’m not mistaken, my colour is blue.
    Beijos a todos e a todas as cores…

  2. Hi again! What I meant was: beijos a todos, seja qual for o grupo de cor a que pertencem (incrível, mas isto agora está mesmo atual…)

  3. Primeiramente tinha pensado nos vários “carácteres” das pessoas, depois reparei que também se podia aplicar na “política” (tema actual). Foi só. Beijos,Isa

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