Drawer Personality


How many drawers does an average house have? I suppose the number varies according to the number of people living in there and also with personal tastes and options. Some prefer shelf storage to drawers. Others opt for boxes.


I spend a great deal of time around drawers. I don’t mind because, since I was a child, I found fascinating any storage place. My mother playfully called me “mexeriqueira”, wrongly associating the word with mexer (touching things), when actually means gossiper. Storage places should be left alone. They should remain untouched, unless an imperious motive forced her to act. While most of my colleagues and friends sat in front of television sets, I was discovering the contents of any armoire or drawer. I suppose this is only a reflex of my treasure hunter vocation.


Excluding armoires, shelves, boxes and any other storage form, I recently counted more than 80 drawers. Ignoring if the number is normal or too big, I justify it because of family size and also because we have too many things that we don’t really need and end up in some drawer. I do expect that this explains it, because the stories I know involving drawers are not flattering for drawer-like people.


I know about a region where dinner tables have drawers so that the family members can quickly hide the food they are eating inside of them, and don’t have to share it with neighbours and friends. Totally wrong personality!


I just hope that having drawers is nothing but a storage option…


Note: If you are more into armoires, that could mean that you are not very mature. Compared to drawers, I have the insignificant number of six armoires. Pretty mature, don’t you think?