Still Walking


Whatever happens around me, it seems that one thing remains immutable: mid afternoon I walk my dogs. Whether I arrive famished or completely knocked down, I have to forget aches and sorrows to answer to their needs. As soon as I step out of the car the first thing I see is their anxious expressions. Only dog walkers can realize how it is.


Walking a dog creates one of the best bonds ever existed. During my walks I’ve been learning more about dogs than an entire life of coexistence. I learned, for instance, that dogs are not very fond of changes in terms of walking, the same way they don’t show signs of boredom of eating the same menu day after day.


At first I tried different streets with the idea that change would please them, but for some reason we ended up always walking the same paths. In reality, I picked a barking dogs free walk.


I was worried with such lack of imagination, until I recently discovered that I was wrong. For some reason I decided to walk the same places but in reverse: start where we usually end and end where we usually start. Disaster. Both dogs, Thoth and Keket, didn’t like it a bit. They behaved like they were walking a place never walked, just because it was happening in a different direction. Above all, they lost half of their usual effusiveness, concentrated in identifying and signaling their path as if it were a completely new one.


Last Thursday, Paul and I decided to change the direction of our active routines by returning to the gym. I was greeted by the same tae bo instructor and immediately informed him that I wasn’t exercising for quite sometime. Maybe you think that he should ask a few questions. Maybe you think that he should recommend the gym medical personnel for a routine check. If you do, you are completely wrong. I saw him approaching and suddenly it just happened. He pinched my waist with his fingers. I was so surprised that I even stopped breathing. Only a few minutes later I realized what had happened. He was doing his own medical exam, trying to detect possible fat around the waist area! I sighed with relieve. I had passed!


2 thoughts on “Still Walking

  1. I liked the Chandabelle. It’s logic. We intend to visit João (monkey) in February, hopefully with João himself and Paul’s family.

    Não me lembrava de ter escrito isso, mas acertei em cheio. O Inverno foi de certa forma longo, mas suave. Aparece um dia ou outro quente, mas o tempo quente ainda não veio com toda a força. Acho que quando escrevi já sabia que ia viajar no meio de Novembro, só não sabia que teria de ir um pouco mais tarde por razões profissionais.

    Interesting that I also felt like reading you today… I was deeply moved by one of your posts and e-mailed you about it. S

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