Touching the Stars

My actual job forces me to have some contact with celebrities. It is curious how someone like me, who doesn’t give a fig about fame (but fortune), ended up working among stars.

If I had to describe a Mozambican star I would use the word normal, since I look at any person as normal and never as untouchable stars. But I have to say that local celebrities have a thing going on with bling. I thought bling was out, but now I see I was wrong. One of the most successful stars is not only a living example of bling, but she also picked bling as artistic name. She is known as The Lady of the Bling and she is quite popular.

The other day I couldn’t avoid glancing at one of the most promising Mozambican stars so glittering she was. Her sunglasses (worn inside the building) shone more than the sun itself. I looked out of genuine surprise. Admiration or applause was very far from where I was standing. Nonetheless, I could feel that she was pleased. I made her day. After crossing with her countless times without paying much attention, I had to recognize her existence. It took her to disguise herself as a glittering star, literally. She doesn’t care if you like it or not. You look, the bling works…