The Making of…

One of Ti’s friends wrote a movie script based on a well-known book. Ti’s part is directing this short movie. A crew of 17 was reunited after days of casting. Most of the preparation took place at the border town of Namaacha, were the shooting happened.

The group met one week before to identify good shooting spots and other technical aspects. They picked one of the very few restaurants in Namaacha to eat. Over lunch they discussed the movie and the absence of the main star. After being selected though an arduous interviewing process, he just didn’t show up. They were already prepared to surpass the movie budget by contracting some other film star, regardless of asked price, when the waiter serving their table interrupted: ‘Are you guys looking for someone capable to act in a movie? If the answer is yes I am the one you are looking for.’

‘Do you have any previous experience?’ someone from the group asked. He had zero experience but insisted so much and so many times that they decided to give him a chance. He was good. He was so good they closed the deal right away.

‘A Namaacha waiter knowing how to act?’ I thought. ‘I wish I could make a movie about that movie!’

(In reality, filming was postponed to December due to heavy rain and the director’s absence in Europe.)