A Matter of Size

At first I thought African women had big hips, but they don’t. Not being an expert or someone particularly interested on the subject, after years of casual witnessing I concluded that what torments African women in terms of flesh distribution is either their buttocks or thighs and sometimes both.

I met a few young girls starving to death, evidently in order to avoid being a mirror of what their mothers physically are. I don’t know how effective starving can be against genetics, but my observation is that size is not noticeable when young, but, as soon as a baby is born or the 30s approach, changes occur and the extra proportions become visible.

I do have to say that the majority of women with big derrières seem to be very comfortable with that fact, maybe as a consequence of men loving, or at least accepting, it.

I once went to Durban with a lady friend, owner of a respectable derrière. Just half an hour on the seafront promenade and a man said to her: “If I knew where your family is, I would offer 100 cows for you.” I remember how we laughed, but in my mind I knew what the compliment meant. Butt appreciation!

Though I was taught that for each people there is a different colour, I still wonder why some men show a clear preference for gigantic proportions. When the question is size, the explanation might be only size too – of heart, I mean.