Making Waves

Since JP arrived, nearly a week ago, he has been making waves. Some of those waves, like girlfriend’s matters, signal stormy weather. Thankfully, most of them are very favourable, like, for instance, daily spearfishing with a South African colleague or planning three consecutive weekends by the sea: 1) Ponta Torres, on the south extreme of Inhaca Island. 2) A new beach lodge in Macaneta. 3) A weekend at a friend’s beach house, also in Inhaca.

Ponta Torres was good. We got some wind during the boat trip to the cozy bay where Navegador anchored. I was immersed in water for so long that five hours after returning I was still suffering from wrinkled fingertips. While I played with small fish, JP decided to ride the open sea with girlfriend. She fell asleep inside the boat, while waiting for JP’s return. It was just pure chance that the first 15kg barracuda missed her face. Other and other followed. Girlfriend got sick with waves, blood and smell. Back to base.

Still, JP wanted to dive with us. He took us to a place he calls “nursery”. It used to be full of nice, colourful, middle sized fish, a protected place for them to breed and grow. Diving with JP? Girlfriend was sick, remember? And I had SP 70 on, making my eyes burn. Besides, even with valid eyes, none of us could see more than a handful of sardine-sized fish: black, blue or with stripes. JP dived once and disappeared. Girlfriend was nowhere to be seen too. I found them near the distant boat. I stayed for a while observing and photographing the coral reef, an impressive grayish mass, looking much more alive and unattractive than the images we usually watch on television.

The coral reef is 10 meters deep down, but there are places where it goes deeper than that and places where it raises, like a somber grey building I can touch. Normally I only would feel impressed but since the Ponta do Ouro recent incident (read comment), not a bit far from where I usually snorkel, I have to be careful. The rest ran smoothly. Nice lunch. Usual sunburn. Fast, trouble free return trip. All in all, a good wave to ride.


One thought on “Making Waves

  1. A shark has attacked a 27 year old diver from Rustenburg yesterday afternoon at the world-class surfing point of Ponta d’Ouro in Mozambique. Speaking to Zigzag earlier today, Sasha Clark, a keen surfer, diver and resident of Ponta told us that the attack was not too severe.

    “We think it was a small Black Tip or Raggie, If it had been a Great White, Zambezi or Tiger it would have been a far different story.”

    “The attack happened right after the guy was offloaded onto a shallow sand bank near the shore. When he began wading in the shark moved in for the first bite. The shark hit him on the shoulder and when he tried to fend it off it snapped onto his hand. He managed to ward the shark off and return to shore, but not before a final bite to his leg.”

    The victim was lifted by private helicopter to hospital in Richards Bay shortly after the incident.

    The last serious shark attack at the point took place in 1998 when KZN provincial surfer Roberto Zornada was bitten on the foot by a Zambezi.

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