Love Hurts 3

It was pretty busy around Valentine’s. Still, I had time for love and poetry. JP left February 13 with a pale smile. I am sure he would like to stick around. Andy’s wedding approaches fast. It has been good and bad, as usual. It should be only good, but we had: 1) A car accident. 2) A party of ten down to three. 3) JP in Qatar. 4) TD and girlfriend might be busy on the occasion. 5) Boat is out of order once again.

Anyway, Andy is taking it lightly. He keeps a waiting list and a fierce determination. I am like any girl: I just wanna have fun. So this has been a period of deep sadness and pursuit of something resembling happiness. I have been doing what I usually do and a lot more. For instance, I walk the dogs and muse on. I’ve been trying to count embassies and government palaces on my path and found myself betting where my dogs will stop for poo. I entertain myself with the idea that such country or such individual deserves it in a given day, a very peculiar philosophy. I reserve the right to keep private where they are stopping a lot. Eek & eek!

Then, my line of canine thoughts was broken by unexpected circumstances. Keket’s second heat caught us by surprise. Nature has clever ways of hiding things. One morning George told us: “It was just pure luck I was there to avoid it!”

Thoth is now a front houseguest, while Keket stays on the back. I don’t have to say that the “old guy” didn’t like it a bit. The second day of abstinence he went for George’s arm and failed. He didn’t fail Andy’s hand, thought. There was some blood involved, proving once again that love hurts.


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