Just Lately

Before I forget, let me tell you what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, while marginally posting about Thoth’s love troubles. To make it easy to read, it goes like this:

Kruger Park: I crossed it for two days, but the truth is that I saw the Big Five in a record time of a couple of hours. For most of the time it was just plain roads. Apart from the wildlife, I am disappointed. Accommodation inside the park itself didn’t improve. It’s pretty expensive and the conditions offered are far from the prices asked. Even though R700 can be nothing translated into other currencies, no one wants to stay in a room with bad air-conditioner, broken taps and insufficient towels. It never happened to us. Is this training for the World Cup?

Inhambane: Wow! Do I have to say more? Okay! What about an average of ten sea and swimming pool baths a day? Do you want to know if I scaled? Yes, I did and I don’t care. As if the beach wasn’t enough, they have amazing seafood, sura cakes and coconut rice. What about World Cups in places like that? Notwithstanding my enthusiasm, I have a question to put: if as it seems there’s an option of maintaining the wood architecture, why a new concrete hotel right on the beach?

Durban and Zinkwazy: Restaurants and shopping malls. I was travelling with people curious about our shopping experiences. I think they liked it. It was an average visit. I cannot remember a thing particularly exciting or negative. We jet visited Ballito and Zinkwazy. In Ballito we had strong winds and a nice restaurant. In Zinkwazy we had fair weather and a bad restaurant. To my dismay, it was the first time in Zinkwazy with an inviting sea and I had to content with moments. Don’t we frequently have?

Andy’s Wedding: Andy wanted a party to laugh, eat, drink and dance. He had it. There was only two problems to report: 1) For people used to dance under more inviting lights, too many was a problem. 2) Driver Americo was so happy that crashed a car. The couple stayed in a local hotel and went to the Kruger, after 3 consecutive wedding parties in three different days. That’s what usually happens when one marries different cultures. The most exciting thing they reported was: feeding partridges with all-wheat bread (Very healthy!) and being assaulted by monkeys who ran away with part of the content of their fridge.