Do You Like?

Sometimes I stop and wonder why we like or dislike particular things. Is it because we are influenced by what we see or read or is it a natural inclination? A mix of both, maybe?

In terms of fashion or decoration, it is very simple to spot the difference between influenced, slightly influenced and not at all.

There’s an infinite list of things that we all seem to like. If someone asks “Do you like living by the sea?” it is case to expect a deep sigh and the confirmation “I love it!” The exception would be not liking sea, movies, parties, music, ice cream, sunny days, bubbling wines, sunflower fields, children, smiles…

Then there are things we strangely like or dislike and cannot explain why. Our idiosyncrasies. At work I know someone who only hangs clothes in blue hangers, another one wears pink every day and a third has never tasted a dessert. I know someone who likes supermarkets so much that visits two per day. The list goes on and on…

Sometimes I feel like writing down a couple of things that I like and dislike. I think I just need to check my human side. Now and then.