Is This Love?

He seemed genuinely surprised when he told me: “After all, love is this? Living together is this?”

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“For a woman, love is usually a way to marriage, and marriage is nothing else but a list of constant solicitations from her part. If a married man is attentive, from morning to night it’s a non stoppable do this and that.”

“Can’t be that bad!”

“Yes it is. And a guy doesn’t know how to react. If he is constantly told to do things, he faces a dilemma: if he obeys he is going to be regarded as passive and most certainly disrespected, and, if he doesn’t comply, it’s war…”

“You are pessimistic today! Maybe she does that to get your attention. Maybe she needs your obedience to prove your love to her…” I ended up saying. I don’t have answers for all the weird things happening in this world. I just know that he is right. Women spend part of their lives asking things and giving orders: “Do this… Don’t do that!”

And I just wonder: “If women were different, would that change anything?”


2 thoughts on “Is This Love?

  1. Isn’t that what many guys do? They try to boss you around, “do this… don’t do that!” 🙂 If you don’t do what they say, they go find a submissive little replacement of you.

    My married girlfriends tell me there is nothing in the marriage for the working woman while the guy gets somebody to cook and clean for him, raise his kids, and sleep with him. I think this is a bit extreme, but who know?

  2. Maybe it turns like that because women are disappointed with relationships. The practical side of life kills the romanticism in us and we all resent it.

    I talked recently with a just married woman (1 year, I guess) who admits being already bossy. She arguments that women are too perfect for them, but I feel that women in general start mothering husbands as soon as they become husbands – for whatever reasons. S

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