Do You Talk Force?

Picture this: 1) You have a cell phone… 2) You love your cell phone… 3) Unexpectedly it falls down… 4) With relieve you realize it’s still working… 5) You are not able to close it… 6) You decide to ask the assistance of a known dealer…

That happened to someone we know. The question is that when she returned to pick her phone back, it was completely off. It was closed as it should be, indeed, but definitively silent. The girl tried her best to make them see her side. She wanted her phone working as she had delivered it an hour before. Period.

The shop guys where coldly deaf to her indignant complaint. She called us in despair. Unfortunately, we were really busy and couldn’t offer much help. Nonetheless, Paul, who (sometimes) believes in diplomacy, advised her to negotiate with the shop manager some kind of win-win deal.

I am not aware of what came next, but I guess negotiations went terribly wrong. She had to call a friend for support. Half an hour later Paul called to know how things turned out.

“I’ve got my cell back and it’s properly working!” she informed.

“So you reached a deal?”

“Actually, it was my friend’s intervention. She arrived and in a minute solved everything.”

“Did she talk sense into them?”

“No. She arrived and angrily said: give my friend’s phone back working properly. At the same time she punched the glass counter so hard that it broke into millions of small pieces,” she explained.

“And how did they react? Did they ask you to pay for the damage?”

“They just froze scared. One of them went away and in 10 minutes returned with my cell working, as I had been asking for almost two hours.”

I heard all that and couldn’t avoid this thought: “Some people only understand the language of force and it’s profoundly disturbing when one is forced to use it too.”


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  1. Details: 1) Actually, the cell is a N96. 2) When they were leaving the shop, the girl who smashed the counter top turned around, faced the shop assistants and shot: “Clowns!” 3) I asked to meet her.

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