Today’s Certitude

A winning smile
Might not know yet
About losing forever


One thought on “Today’s Certitude

  1. I’ve been strictly posting about aspects I observe around here. Today is about winning and losing. It reminds me of the issue everybody is talking now: “Do we have a local self-made millionaire or a Drug Lord?” It’s also because I recently was forced to recognize that I had lost a battle. When I had to admit it I was already plotting against the winners. I really don’t accept losing. I should be a soccer player. The moment I have to face defeat, I am already making sure that the winner loses a lot more than I have lost, keeping my own interests first. I know this is not entirely good, but it’s too late to change. So? I am not perfect.

    As for the one and only Mozambican millionaire being nothing but a Drug Lord, the announcement was dropped like a bomb. Nobody is really surprised with the information itself, but the sudden way it all happened. And that raises a few questions:

    1) Why now?
    It can only be because of the impact as an alert to visitors during World Cup in South Africa. Mozambique is a really friendly country, far friendlier than South Africa is, but at this stage it seems to be important this negative impact, maybe because the security schemes in place do not include Mozambican territory.

    2) Training camps in Mozambique?
    Highly improbable… Despite all the wrong things possible to denounce, the current President of Mozambique is constantly visiting remote places and listening to complaints and information during public meetings anyone can watch on TV. For someone knowing the straightforwardness of Mozambican people, it is easy to conclude that the existence of secret training camps is almost impossible.

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