I have this principle of mine
Of not losing my precious time
With people who systematically
Don’t have time to waste…


3 thoughts on “Patronizing

  1. On a second thought, maybe not…

    Wouldn’t not losing precious time with people who systematically don’t have time to waste make you one of the people you don’t have time for?

    And what of those who simply don’t have any spare time?

    Good poem. It makes one think. I likes!

    1. It is up to us to decide with whom we use our time. In part I am talking about people who waste time with other people who don’t care a bit about them. Add to that one of my current favourite quotes: Andre Malraux’s “Un homme n’est pas ce qu’il cache. Un homme est ce qu’il fait, car, au fond de nos âmes, nous sommes tous um peu les mêmes.” A man is not what we cannot see. A man is what he does (his actions), because, deep inside our souls, we all are somehow equal. And you have the fundaments of my thought. S

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