Best of July 2010

A visit to Johannesburg is a good reason as any to write a little more than three lines. We arrived just 4 days after Spain defeated Holland and could still live a bit of what must have been the World Cup euphoria. Signs were abundant everywhere and a different kind of visitors was still wandering coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls. ‘Are you American?’ someone asked. ‘I’m just a neighbour,’ I informed. ‘The World Cup is over!’

What a contradiction such a cold country in Africa! I was feeling too hot from walking when I sat at a table of one coffee shop near the fridge area of a well-known food-market. It was so freaking brrrrr that I sneezed twenty times in a row. I was, obviously, welcoming a bad cold.

We all hope a long period of peace and development to South Africa, though bad stuff is already noticeable. The media has been reporting potential danger of xenophobia and the usual cases of violence. A mega stone strategically placed on the highway blew one of our front tyres. It could have been pure bad luck, but we all know that such large stones are used to stop and hijack cars during the night. It turned a pleasant, well-planned travel back home into a very complicated operation.