Reading Signs

I like to read the signs of the changing seasons and I had a lot to read when we resumed our Miradouro walks.

Even though there are many reasons explaining why we stopped, somehow, in that particular afternoon, we decided to blame it on the Mundial. Football is one of our favourite scapegoats.

And here are the signs read during that first walk:

Two Guitar Players
As soon as the first hot breezes blow, new guitar-players show up. It’s case to wonder if they are planted and nurtured during cold, blossoming at the first signs of summer.

A Different Palette
Colors are in the process of changing from the soft, pale shades of winter to the striking blues, reds and oranges of summer. As we don’t have a regular spring or autumn, such sudden changes must be a sort of substitute.

Over Are the Tender Ways
The sea is no longer a mere mirror of winter quietness, since even in the still cold afternoons it’s possible to feel promises of the coming suladas. Those south winds unexpectedly rising during the afternoons will last until October.

Do You Summer Dream?
Summer dreams rise just like suladas. Mine include a visit to Pomene for a swim with the peaceful, gigantic sea turtles. Need to say more?