Capped Smiles

My dentist tried to convince me it was time to update my already large dentistry vocabulary with two new words (implants and veneers) but I am such a coward student! I fought the idea for almost two years, avidly collecting a million reasons to delay that learning process, from horror descriptions to phrases like: ‘Only God knows what your capped smile hides!’

I think an article recently published in a well-known magazine changed my mind. If there’s no star perfect enough to avoid such lesson, why should I? So I volunteered and learned that what a couple of days ago seemed to me like a barbaric action is after all a safe and almost pain free intervention. However, before learning it I nearly killed myself with fear. In the end, the “teacher” said ‘You are such a good patient!’ and I gallantly answered ‘A good doctor makes a good patient!’ He was the only one deserving gallantries.

Besides improving my vocabulary, here is what I’ve learned on the 18th and 19th, while visiting my doctor in Nelspruit: 1) Photographing sunrises in moving cars is hardly a piece of cake. 2) Facebook is obviously very popular in South Africa. 3) Mozambican fields show unmistakable effects of a hard winter. 4) Strong winds blowing from Mozambique can reach Nelspruit and eventually further away. 5) There’s a new shopping haven offering, among other things, a genuine gourmet restaurant called Zest. 6) Is it the case that these two flags love each other? 7) A few shops are selling ear protection gear, surely a public backlash against vuvuzelas. 8) Capped smiles are like riddles. They might be difficult to decipher, still some people like them.