Best of August 2010

A movie about dreams is my best this August. Be it night or daydreams, dreams are an intriguing world apart. Take for instance someone I recently met who reported constant nightmares throughout her life… Take for instance my apparently silly dream-quest of finding some underwater-buried treasure…

I was thrilled by the images offering a glimpse into the strange world of dreams. We never know how a night dream starts… I totally agree. But do we really know the genesis of a daydream at all? I am unable to say how my daydream started, even though I know it to be older than this blog. And can we tell the end of a dream? My dreams are always abruptly interrupted and I often find myself imagining a suitable end for them. If it’s a good dream I briefly concoct a fantastic end. If it’s bad, I come up with some tricky solution for a happy-ending. We can predict ends for daydreams too, but we can never be sure. Last week I learned that lesson. My dream-quest seemed to be quietly fading away and consequently dying. In a movie-like volte-face, it came back in full and I’ve been delighted with it. Obviously!

Life, movies and books tell important things, thought I believe the most important messages are imperceptibly told or not told at all. Dreams are fulfilled, substituted by other dreams or gently fade away… They never die.