Lost Battles

September started with a bang. People went to the streets to show their anger against the rising costs of living. Like so many other spectators, I couldn’t decide if I was pro or against the raging crowds. You know, when I receive my electricity bill I feel urges of burning things myself. On the other hand, I also belong to the group still wanting to believe in less aggressive ways of showing disagreement.

Precisely one week after those two days of violent protests, we had two somber, windy days. The last of them was a national holiday. Ironically, Mozambique was celebrating “Victory Day”.

I cannot see any victory, thought. The prices stay the same for now but economists suspect that other incidents of the same nature and magnitude may happen before the end of the year. We all lost in this battle. Suckers for sun and fun missed opportunities. Shopaholics and workaholics had to spend almost one week without shops and offices. Politicians feel less confident today. Those participating in the booty are already complaining about food shortage. The losses are incalculable. We shall forget, as we usually do, but for now a blanket of sadness and resignation seems to wrap people and things.

I had carefully crafted ways of celebrating four years of blogging by visiting a new beach, just to find myself under siege. All I could do was walk a very pregnant Keketh and wait… for disaster.

To be continued…