Disaster Struck so… I’m Mothering Nika

Being Thoth such a wonderful dog, no wonder we weren’t stingy when the moment of selecting a female companion arrived. Thoth’s father was imported from England and his pedegree shows the impressive number of 24 champions. Keketh, the only female available at the time, wasn’t up to the price we paid and all documents showing her good breed too. Her problems can be told in just 3 words: excitable, destructive and aggressive.

Anyway, I love both dogs the same way and was looking forward to see their puppies after the usual 65 days of waiting. Our guard George told me when Keketh went into labour and that the mother-to-be was happy with the nest he had prepared for her. Wednesday 8, at 4pm, a female puppy was born. I was a little worried because it took some time before the second was out, but the moment I saw a beautiful male I was somehow relieved. Taking her size and history, I wasn´t expecting a lot more. I also knew it wasn’t over yet. The night was approaching fast and no vet service available. Still I felt confident. Nothing bad would ever happen to the young, healthy mother.

The third male puppy arrived around 7pm and, despite our best efforts, didn’t survive. We really thought it was over but in the middle of the night George informed me of the extend of disaster: a third lifeless male was born and the only male alive had just died. I still remember his first words: ‘Keketh has no luck, senhora!’

Tough the next morning Keketh seemed to be fine, we followed our vet’s advice. We went to the clinic where we discovered that she was still carrying two babies. That was the worst because she had to be operated right away. No more fun and puppies for her. I started mothering the only surviving pup that same morning. I’ve been doing it for eight days now. I called her Nika, from the Portuguese word for unique. It’s hard work and not trouble free. I had planned to share motherhood with Keketh but she had other plans for her only offspring. Having had all her mothering mechanisms removed, she decided that Nika was a ball and I found her playing with that ball in our backyard. No more Nika for her, fulltime job for me! I am afraid that things go wrong again. Despite having doubled her size in eight days, we face the possibility of pneumonia. She was born the size of my cell phone and now she is a bit longer and larger. I am doing my best. The question is: is my best good enough?