All About Eyes

The world could have changed and I wouldn’t have eyes to see it. I know that some important things have been happening, yet it’s like nothing matters but Nika, the only survivor of Keketh’s litter of six. Vet told us the disaster was unavoidable. Injections wouldn’t work and therefore the only option for Keketh was operating. If on time, puppies would have more chances. But then, who would take care of six when just one is a full-time job?

Nika completed 2 weeks last Wednesday. By then the world was celebrating a car free day. She was having her 8pm bottle when she briefly opened her bright black eyes for the first time. Right on schedule! I suppose it was a big moment for my adopted puppy. It surely was for me!

A few things changed lately because of her. No perfume. No rings. No jewels at all. No sleep when I feel like sleeping… Despite all my care and her irresistible cuteness, I do intend to give her back to dog’s world as soon as it feels right, as long as it’s safe for her to assume her doghood.


2 thoughts on “All About Eyes

    1. Thanks. Terrible pic, she was moving a lot. Her head is the size of a walnut and her eyes, though looking blue, are in reality all black. I didn’t want to bother her with more photographic attempts.

      Na verdade estamos mesmo contentes porque a Nika parece estar fora de perigo…

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