Best of October 2010 (Détente and Achievements)

Interesting things happen in my backyard as my three Staffies learn to live together. In reality, it has been a piece of cake. I could guess it the moment Keketh dropped her favorite chew-toy next to Nika’s. It took her a whole day to realize it was okay to chew it too. She then showed how polite she is by offering her own toy to Thoth and Keketh’s unkind teeth.

Nika still requires my attention, while, at the same time, she’s pretty at easy in her new environment. And for now she promises to be a really nice, playful girl.

Maybe because we feel good about those achievements, we added a few others of our own. We top recent achievements with:

1) Roof.
We knew it needed our attention; but, like two lazy boas, we had been postponing action up to recently. George has done a good job. It has been raining in Maputo. Monday, for instance, we had “ice stones rain” (hail), something happening once or twice a year maximum. It was so hot the stones melted as soon as they reached the ground. No pictures to tell. I wasn’t surprised to learn about the tsunami in Indonesia because weather here as been erratic, even radical. Well, our improved roof was tested under adverse weather conditions and passed. This is an achievement we rate as number one.

2) Satellite antennas.
An acclaimed architect designed our house, following a pattern he used in other family homes around Maputo. I think he gave them the cottage feeling without compromising his art-deco preferences. It was such a shame to have satellite antennas disturbing the front view of the house! The technician who initially installed them must have afraid of highs to pick such spot within so many other less outrageous options. The “offense” is over now.

No tsunami here. No volcano either.