Passing a Story for the Next Opportunity

I’ve been entertained with home things. It’s the usual summer “revolution”, nothing really new. We can do very little during the hot days ahead of us. Or expect others to do. Therefore, while we still can move without feeling like melting jelly, we keep doing useful stuff. Last week I wrote about important improvements (roof and satellite system) consuming most of our budget.

George was painting the exterior when the rain started. We had to change our plans. Now the air conditioners are cleaned and the first floor is almost ready. Basically, we only painted where necessary since the interior was painted ten months ago. Besides supervising the jobs and organizing armoires and drawers, I opted for a simple way of changing the décor without spending a lot by improving the display of pictures and paintings on the walls.

Last Wednesday, George was hanging pictures while I created breathing space in our bookshelves. He called me to check if the pictures were as I had idealized. They were. Or at least 90% were. And it was at the moment I was checking the result of George’s effort I remembered a story involving pictures and a moral issue. Curious? I’ll tell you about it next week