In and Out

It’s obvious by recent posts that I’ve been more in than out. Nevertheless, a good African (or adopted African) loves the outdoors. It’s an incredible sensation to swap our climatically safe indoors for the intense bath of heat and humidity on the streets. It’s an endurance test. If you feel African enough, you may risk walking the streets of Maputo. First make sure it’s early/mid morning or late afternoon (to avoid hazards such as frying, melting and burning) and prepare yourself to say “no” a thousand times, always with a smile.

The first Tuesday of November I experienced the mind blowing hot streets of Maputo and returned home with a mission successfully accomplished, feeling a little more African than the previous Monday.

Though I suspect they love it, Africans do complain of hot weather (so better change the subject). The same goes for colours. A truly African appreciates colourful stuff. One of the reasons I’ve been in is to rethink colours, starting with my wardrobe. I know I was in need of space and colour. In terms of space, I put down 20 cloth hangers: less selection but a lot more of the so sought breathing space. I am well served in whites, blacks, browns and greens, so this summer I went for blues and a touch of reds. Lately I’ve been picking models from South African young designers and I’m quite happy with the arrangement: price is okay and style is fun and simple. I also acquired new African accessories in exhibitions visited…

Besides outdoors, heat and colours, I think a good old African likes to party in a larger sense that includes family, friends, food, drink and music. I suppose I am well served in terms of company, food and drink. Restaurant-wise, nowadays we select Caipirinha (suggestive name!), where a good lunch includes: fish soup, clams, prawns and grilled fish. Even if into a moderation plan, no way we can ignore the famous Mozambican beer! All in all, I also have to create some space for music to step in.