Best of November 2010

Decay is a postcard of Maputo. The opposite is an exception. Here, even some embassy buildings show a certain degree of negligence. We get used to the norm and when we see a different picture we often wonder what the heck is going on.

We have a park nearby. ‘How cozy!’ you might imagine. And it was cozy during a few years, ages and ages ago. Then it became a wild dangerous place, so neglected that even the dogs showed no interest in using it for their usual messy emergencies.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to see that we have our park back. As far as I learned, this nice and clever move is a result of the combined efforts of a local embassy and an NGO. It still requires a few touches to be perfect, like more walking and green spaces, but what has been accomplished is already a feat.

Now, after FEIMA or Parque dos Continuadores achievement, I just wonder which embassy or ONG will join efforts to save Miradouro and Marginal.