About Smell

I am seriously sensitive to smells. I pick, qualify, approve or reject them accordingly to my own personal taste. This happens automatically, with no external interference. I could easily be a successful perfume tester… or dog. Notwithstanding, I think I am very common in terms of selecting. I like the earth smell after the rain. Millions seem to like it too. I hate aggressive smells. They make me feel aggressive too.

Covering one smell with another smell is one of the worst moves. It’s confusing and intoxicating. Some people I know are not that smell sensitive and occasionally apply strong scents (conscious or unconsciously) over already existing ones. We all know about people wearing deodorant when they should wash themselves. When an onion is rotting inside our pantries we don’t use an air spray.

If covering a bad smell with any other smell is wrong, imagine how silly is to cover a good smell with a dubious one. Now I have to explain my real motives. Our house had a certain humidity note in the air. We treated the cause. Problem solved. I was looking forward to enjoy the natural (note free) summer fragrances, when Paul decided something was missing and started to burn those oriental sticks I cannot stand. Besides the odor itself, it’s too ceremonial, too religious, too hippy…

Luckily for me Andy complained about the smell too, forcing the offender to move his burning frenzy to the garden. He believes that that smell is good against mosquitos and other bugs. I believe it’s also good against me.


2 thoughts on “About Smell

  1. Wrong perception, you are different and more important than a mosquito. Don’t forget that one of the objectives of those sticks is to calm the spirit, tranquilize the mind…

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