Best of 2010

At first glance, 2010 seemed a serious candidate to be a huge negative blur. That’s why I forced myself to go back and find positiveness throughout a very challenging year.

It’s curious how only a couple of weeks ago I was reading someone who qualifies lists as a thing for fascists and shoppers. What about both? Seriously! I think this sentence put me into the fascist mood of shopping positiveness out of a very challenging period of my life. This is what I found (a list!!!):

January: A boat trip to Inhaca.
February: We went to the Kruger, Inhambane and Durban with visiting family.
March: Listening to the Stars pays off!
April: Little Andy was born.
July: I started a new blog.
August: Second round of appointments in Nelspruit. A third is yet to come!
September: We welcomed pup Nika into this world.
October: We went to Durban with JP.
November: Don’t you love home makeovers?
December: Hot and exciting, as usual.