Shops with a View

Three weeks ago I was amazed to discover that the new shopping Marés is after all an architectural replica of the best South Africa has to offer. There’s no doubt that Maputo is changing at a very fast pace! Tough, I am not sure if multiplying shopping malls is a good change at all.

There’s South African money involved, for sure. In general, the new mall offers a mix of South African and Portuguese known labels. As an interesting note, I found myself wondering how many shop premises have sea views like this?

I also have to admit that the shopping list with stuff I cannot find in Maputo is getting shorter and shorter. I guess it’s now reduced to 3 or 4 items. At least we don’t have to rush to South Africa just because we need tea or dog food.

Shopping aficionados have a new attractive destiny. The first one, I dare to say. Good for them! Hip! Hip! Hurray!