Like Sun in Winter

The 5th of January was a rainy day, a bless like sun in winter. Gone were the suffocating festive weeks and the never failing hot temperatures around the end of the year. No disappointments here.

From the last days of December I kept a modest collection of colorful images. It was a quiet season for us. Eight months Little Andy obliges!

Santa was very generous. I enjoyed all the presents but I am particularly fond of my new blue ring. Even though not a precious stone, it’s very special the same. It was handcrafted in Ilha de Moçambique from sunken silver coins and a 300 years old glass missanga (bead). I just didn’t know that missangas could be this big and this shape. I was told it’s very, but very rare. It has a crest mark and a very beautiful blue shade. I also have a red version with old words (Arabic or Egyptian is my best guess) I hope one day to decipher.