Blame the House

Most houses come with a pre-defined style, some never had style and some give us mixed information. Some loudly beg for it and others are willing to negotiate with its owners.

Our house is the product of a visionary man, with comfort and art on his mind. It has a cottage feeling and details a lot more artistic than practical.

Maybe Paul only gets the cottage side, while I’m more impressed by other details. He wants to see stuff everywhere. I think that a house with such ceilings doesn’t require much.

We have different opinions and we have been battling over them. Maybe it’s not us, but the house. Maybe we are mere instruments of its dualism.


2 thoughts on “Blame the House

  1. Interesting ceiling. We do home remodels on the other side of the planet, in the USA in Washington state. I am interested in homes and how people modify them and decorate them. Show more photos of your house, when you are not out treasure hunting!

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