Best of February 2011

It’s a row this time! Swimming & poetry. Is it? I could make it just one. Let’s say that the best of the now gone February is the rediscovery of swimming and poetry.

I’ve been swimming twice a week at Clube Naval and for me those are the best days of the week. My old love affaire with water! What can I say?

I regard poetry as the best writing exercise one can wish for. Not being my final destination, it’s good to maintain my hands tuned with my mind. (My heart!!!) I’ve been participating in the Jingle Poetry Potluck weekly. It’s a quiet creative space offering the opportunity to read and be read. I like it!


5 thoughts on “Best of February 2011

  1. Swimming and poetry, good combination. Enjoy the swimming and I hope you enjoy Potluck, looking forward to read more poems from you. I’m sorry if I don’t get to return visits right away, sometimes time is not enough for everything. Good luck!

    1. In fact, time can be incredibly scarce! Now it’s my turn to be sorry for taking me a while to thank your nice comment, though I had a really good reason: no internet when sitting on the top of a hill watching elephants bath. People say this represents good luck… We feel lucky just for having been there…

  2. I tried leaving comments on some of your other posts, but comments are closed, I love the Sunsets section with poems very much!

    1. Your preference shows well your romanticism. I personally like my “river phase”. Comments automatically close after a while, but you just proved a possible way…

      1. hehe, yes, romance is my second name … anyway, thanks for the comments back! Take care!

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