African Afternoon

on these shores, my distant listener
days are frightening hot and blue
birds stopped singing amongst the green
winds strike sail in silent dispersion
unmerciful lights fall from above
sliding the walls, calcifying the stones

in this land, my missed lover
there are unframed landscapes
where no shadow of life exists
except for a soft lulled cadence
filling the emptied of breath streets
telling the world I am incomplete


11 thoughts on “African Afternoon

  1. the entire poem is beautiful, but these lines:
    “a soft lulled cadence
    filling the emptied of breath streets”
    sort of melter my knees…
    wonderful post!

  2. the imagery is stunning…
    love your style.

    have fun..

    support by making your comments along the way starting from the one above your entry, go back wards, poets will appreciate your encouragement.


  3. Thanks for visits and comments. I like the idea of someone describing space (and feelings) to a distant someone, but I suppose this is a poem to be worked in the near future. Many thanks, anyway.

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