Two Questions on Education

Education in Mozambique means a daily invasion of the city by children coming from the poor suburban areas. Children have to pay for transportation or walk miles and miles. Or both… Wouldn’t it be less penalizing, for them and their families, to have neighborhood schools? Too expensive for the state budget? I really don’t get it!

The mirage of a good carrier keeps families paying school to children with no particular inclination to studies. I know cases of very poor people who paid 12 years of school to a young man currently working as a delivery boy. And he is one of the lucky ones, since all his colleagues are pretty unemployed.

The school quest here is somehow related with the idea of working less. It’s becoming harder and harder to find good working people like gardeners, electricians, plumbers and so on. How can overcrowded schools recognize talented students and give them all the support they need? And I just don’t understand why children less inclined to study are not learning other valuable skills? I simply don’t get it!


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