A Splash Too Much

Indulge yourself
While it lasts
In a shallow pool
Come to rest
Beast or human
Wise or fool
United by the mess
Of not knowing
A shared destiny

(This has been on my mind: during a recent visit to the Kruger Park I captured images showing how close water and wildlife are. The experience made me regard water as a truly source of life. A couple of years ago, during a severe drought at the same park, I witnessed the “civilazed” way two rhinos waited their turn to enter an artificial pool at the heart of a completely dry riverbank, one at a time. Apparently the pool was too small for both of them… And people are fighting over petroleum!!!)


23 thoughts on “A Splash Too Much

    1. Thanks, Jingle. In reality I am pretty serious here, but then I am like that. Next time you ask serious, I’ll be playful… I bet!

  1. I had to rethink about bringing the subject of water as a resource after the tsunami, but I do believe that the incidence of both phenomenon are somehow related. It’s a case of too much or too little. Thanks for your appreciation. S

    1. I believe we have the cyclical and the environmental droughts to consider… The region I talk about is served by wonderful mighty rivers supporting a good quantity of resident wildlife. It shouldn’t have happened. But I am going to ask a WWF friend to give us her insight… (Well, she just remind me that her area is coral reefs but she recommends the book “The Kruger Experience”, particularly part 2 on surface water availability.)

    1. I’ve been trying to read all the Potluck entries and even without comments I am still somewhere in the middles. I can guess how it is for you…

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