The World of Small

A European writer, who settled up north in Mozambique, was quite surprised to witness the way local people respect small creatures such as lizards or mice. Since I read about it, I’ve been observing the same attitude among people working for us. If I complain about flies, for instance, their first reaction is opening a window and shooing them, instead of killing by other more effective handy means.

I felt a sudden attraction towards small creatures myself, during my recent visit to the Kruger Park. That’s quite unusual for visitors, since we all aim the Big Five: elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino.

It was mating season. We found happy couples everywhere, from turtles to giraffes. For the second time I spotted an elephant (too enthusiastically) courting… a tree! Maybe I turned to the world of small after that… (I just don’t know how to respect the sorts of mosquitoes and cockroaches!)