Before I Turn My Back on You

Before I turn my back on you
Tell me again the great liar you are
Before I turn my back on you
And walk the hardest walked mile

(We have been walking so many miles
Yet, look where we still stand…)

The lines I write hold a simple truth
That’s not the way I want love to be
And without knowing that I will
I can only turn my back on you

But before I turn my back on you
I’ll erase happy mornings, racing hearts
So that this end feels more like a start


This is the Perfect Poet Award I gladly accept and thank!

40 thoughts on “Before I Turn My Back on You

    1. I failed in terms of tango and salsa, including 3 or 4 fresh starts… Never stop believing I could dance, I picked flamenco. I was doing fine when the Spanish teacher decided to start a family. That’s my dance story, no purple sunset yet… Thanks for reading.

    1. I think the secret of getting rid of old memories is a fresh start every day. And a good way to play with life is to play with words… Thanks, Vinay.

  1. Oh yeah!! Very well said.. 🙂
    Very important to start as soon as it ends.. often we get carried away like fallen twig.. Just loved your words here..

    Oh, I couldn’t comment on your other post- the form/box didn’t appear; pressed the “like” key though.. Hugs xx

    1. I changed the period from one to two weeks and now I am going to check if there’s another acceptable option… If I leave the comments on people start to advertise or whatever. Thanks, Olivia!!!

    1. Evidently! I am really pleased with the new “Photos and nostalgia…” theme. And, despite my latest post, I’m in a prodigious mood. Sometimes I write weeks before the post is published. I only check if it’s still accurate. See you, then.

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