Discovering Sunrise

We cannot visit all the nice places out there to be seen. E-v-i-d-e-n-t-l-y! Books, magazines, cinema and similar allow us to have an idea of those destinies. Even if we could visit a different place everyday, we wouldn’t live long enough to finish the tour.

The question is that sometimes we dream about distant paradises ignoring the wonderful places at our doorsteps. I felt this way during the weekend of March 12-13, when I was introduced to the flawless azure of Nascer do Sol (Sunrise) beach. And I had been dreaming such a long time about Ponta do Ouro, where I only go after winning a tough battle over drivers against very bad roads!

This is Nascer do Sol, in pictures: step in, inviting blue pools, accommodation, boating, perfect blue, sunset walk, window, a bench waiting for our return

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