In Your Arms I Travelled

In your arms I travelled
country roads
golden layered

In your arms I travelled
sacred mountains
silver patched

In your arms I would have travelled

Still, here I am
a tourist in my own life


22 thoughts on “In Your Arms I Travelled

    1. I don’t think being apart is necessarily sad… Suppose the “tourist” has a great life to live and the “absent one” is a really bad character… You see?

  1. hmm so true for so many. I wonder if it’s inability to patronize one’s own self or it is fear of exploration. Great write and thank you for making me think 🙂

    1. Sometimes it is that fear… Sometimes it is reason, last minute double vision… I take the majority interprets being a tourist of one’s own life only as a negative thing… I know it’s a bit restrictive, but just suppose that person has the most amazing life… He or she can be rooted and at the same time happy to be where he/she is…

    1. I do think it is a strong idea… and now I believe the word “grounded” is giving the absolute negative sense, but I still keep it in the sense that that person could no longer fly the way she used to… Thanks, Krislin

  2. Oh yes- that’s me! Not so happy situation but that’s what I got.. Believe you me, things ind out crazy ways to work out.. it will too- soon!

    I am waiting for my things to.. 🙂
    Hugs n wishes xoxox

    1. I don’t think we are only unhappy because of what we have lost, but mainly because of what we couldn’t yet found… I suppose this is what you mean about the “not so happy situation…” Hugs and a wonderful week…

  3. Seabell, this is just exquisite. I enjoyed the turn around that you did on this…to a journey inward. Would love to have you link it to my blog under the Monday Morning Prompt where I’ve given a “circular poem” challenge…only if you want to. Victoria

    1. You detected an inch of egocentrism… I like a different perspective! And I’m glad you quote Tom Waits, even if I had in mind something slightly different. When I look back at my own experiences and after reading some of the poetesses, I would rather pick: “A good man is hard to find…!”

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