Best of March 2011

It could have been the Kruger Park, an unexpected vision of life and water despite a torrid African day. Or it could have been our weekend at Nascer do Sol, a new exciting beach after such a long time of sea abstinence! It could have been so many other things, but no.

My treasure quest suffered new developments. After a very long period of hibernation, things started to happen: some good, some less good. Even so, I am quite excited just for the fact that they are happening.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during almost five long years of ups and downs, is that today’s pirates are not people like me or diving enterprises, particularly those formed in a rush just aiming treasure hunting. Today’s pirates are well-established governments. Some have received the insurance for the cargoes in question and still claim that same cargo. They even claim it over the 50 years the law rules as limit for the right to claim. And not happy with that, they negotiate the cargo with dubious adventurers, ignoring not only respectful enterprises and individuals but the rights of other countries with economical interests over the sites where the boats sunk. That’s how desperate modern, developed European countries have become… Or maybe they are right: piracy is the new way to go!