Live Orchestra

I am
The singer
The one who designs
Violin and drum forms
The one who recollects
Early desert wind storms

I am
The pianist
The one who perfects
Movements of lassitude
The one who synthesizes
Pauses of ethereal plenitude

I am
After all
The same


(To my first favorite Greek Muse: Euterpe, Muse of Music!)


15 thoughts on “Live Orchestra

  1. i can see him in my head right now… Is it a him? Or a her? I’m not too sure, I simply saw a him…..

    1. It can be a he or a she. It’s more a state of mind, I would rather say… Have you ever felt like an orchestra? Thanks, B23. I like your poem too.

    1. I returned from a short trip to find a couple of nice comments here. I think you got from this poem something no one else could get: the idea of power (or skill, if you prefer). Thanks for reading!

  2. This is truly wonderful! I love your writing!

    I want to thank you for sharing this with me and with my Clambake. Week 2 is now open if you are interested.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Luna. I love what I read from you too. I already posted a poem for Week 2, called Floor Nostalgia. In fact, I selected 3 poems dedicated to my favorite Muses: Music, Dance and Lyric Poetry. I already posted the two first, the fourth is waiting and I am currently conceiving a way of including in a single poem all the other Muses, since we wouldn’t like to see them ignored… So the next poem will touch subjects like: History, Astronomy, Comedy, Tragedy and Epic Poetry. You can imagine what a bouillon I am cooking for your next Clambake! See you then!

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