Crisp lips turned bitter cold and
I’ve been daydreaming for hours
Since there’s nowhere I’d rather be
Than raising steps for your bare feet
Growing intentions to untangle your hair

Harvesting promises from your deep rooted smile


30 thoughts on “Escape

    1. I think so… Thanks for reading, Templeton! I read your poem about fire (difference and similitude) and liked it, but I usually have trouble when commenting on blogspot…

    1. In part I was thinking about people (especially women) who have to wait. I believe the picture adds to the sinister… You are a good reader!

    1. This is about waiting for too long, evidently. I don’t like when I have to wait and I am always surprised with people who have that skill. I do like your comment, beautiful as a poem can be. I had already the intention of reading you regularly and now you also belong to the group of favorite readers. Thanks.

    1. You are a good reader, always picking a different side. If there’s something to say, I would select myself three words: waiting, daydreaming and changing. I really appreciate when you read!

    1. The subject got cold and crispy for waiting for so long. Owing to the daydreaming, he or she didn’t realize how cold it really was… Does it make sense? I just thought waiting like that would tell better how hard it is waiting for someone or something to happen. Thanks, Morganna.

      1. Who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if such terrible possibility happened! Thanks for reading and for having such radical thoughts while reading…

    1. I have to admit that I like this little poem too, thought I changed it a bit from the initial words and intentions. My impatience, when I have to wait, and a gloomy picture added something I was not aware from the start. This can be the first poem I wrote deserving a controversial range of comments: surreal, mystic, romantic, intimate, beautiful, sinister, beautiful, awesome, melancholy, wonderful, creepy, sweet… I like it! And I thank you for reading, Becca!

  1. Such solid images are a nice juxtaposition for the dreamy quality expressed. At first, I wasn’t sure if the image fit, but then I re-read it and I think it works well. I, too, really admire that last line! 🙂

    1. This poem wouldn’t be the same without the last line. That’s why I thought that line could survive by itself. Thanks for reading so attentively!

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