Gods of War? Gods of Détente?

I’ve been crossed with Macaneta and Marracuene, respectively a beach and a small place not far from where I live. Ferocious battles involving European interests happened in there and today Mozambicans still celebrate those battles and perform sacrifice ceremonies in honour of the ancient gods and the gods those brave warrior have become. I had an “arrangement” going on with the same gods but 2010 was so painful to me that I even had forgotten their existence.

Sunday 3 we went to Macanete and were greeted by the most stunning sea, the most stunning day… Actually, it was the first time I fully enjoyed that wild sea properly. We had such a wonderful time that I left thinking: ‘I’ve been crossed with Macaneta gods, still they don’t seem crossed with me…’

Just a few moments of Sunday 3 at Macaneta, no complicated explanations required: amazing day, amazing joy, amazing beach, amazing swim, amazing sea, amazing food, amazing place… Need to say more?